ixDownload.com Parental Controls Evolve to Block More Than Pornography and Adult Content.

Bellevue, WA, June 13, 2011 --(PR.com)-- It starts off innocentlyenough: your child gets some Instant Messenger notices from someone shedoesn't know. She may even see her photos tagged or some rathercute but puzzling messages left on her Facebook mail box. While thingsmay start off rather harmless, your kid's online safety may be onthe line. The person sending her messages might not be who he claims tobe. The person your kid is exchanging "cute" emails with mighthave a criminal past-of harming children.

Sounds extreme? Not a chance. As Facebook and Twitter's subscriber base explode, more and more sex offenders and potential offenders can take advantage of these services' powerful features to find, reach out, and "befriend" your child. "The sad truth is that many parents are still stuck in the 90s mindset that the greatest danger the Internet poses for their kid is pornography," said Oliver Thompson, Media Relations Principal at ixDownload.com, the Internet's leading software download and review resource website. "It is very disturbing to realize that the rise of social networks has made child predation much much easier than before. Parents need to expand their focus from illegal content to inappropriate messaging and contact. Parents must use parental control software that takes into consideration the sad realities social networks and chat networks help make possible when it comes to child safety. More and more kids are becoming vulnerable to stalkers and predators online. Parents need to know how to select the proper software that decreases their kids' chances of connecting with possible predators," added Thompson. In order to help parents make informed choices in selecting the right software packages to protect their children's online privacy and security, ixDownload.com has released its Parental Control Software Guide.

The guide walks parents through each feature they should considerin a no-nonsense fashion. "Our goal is to arm every parent with theright questions so they can find the right parental control softwarethat matches their family's particular security needs," saidThompson. IxDownload doesn't impose its suggestion on parents butrealizes that each family's values and security needs varydepending on each family's differing stands on particular types ofonline content and social situation. Instead of merely suggesting aparticular parental control software title, ixDownload.com insteadfocuses on helping parents ask the right questions so they can selectthe software that helps them meet their family's particular needs.

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