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Maxie Briscoe: Werewolf - Melissa Bradley




At first appearance, Maxie Briscoe appears as normal as the girl next door, but only if your neighbor is a werewolf. Bitten at fifteen by another lacanthrope, during Maxies cycles, her mother keeps her chained in a cell hidden in their basement. Only a few know Maxies secret--not even her Carla Cox co-workers.

The problem: someone is killing people. Two very handsome men who reek with the smell that only another wolf could sense, show up to investigate what they see as a continuation in a string of homicides against werewolves. Maxies neighbor and close friend is murdered in a torturous fashion, and Nick and Damien fear the killer has mistaken the deceased for Maxie. But who could possibly know of her affliction, and why want her dead? The road to finding the culprit is filled with twist, turns, and a whole lot of steamy sex.

If you like red hot scenes, shape shifters, and dark fantasy, then Maxie Briscoe: Werewolf is your book. If youre usually offended by m/m or mnage sex, you probably will find those situations very realistic to this story. Maxie is sharp-tongued and in control as much as she can be under the circumstances. Gotta love the girl. That inner beast keeps trying to get out.

Melissa Bradley doesnt miss a beat in relaying Maxies tale. Warning: you will find yourself giggling even amidst all the tension and passion. Ms. Bradley has a very unique way of injecting believable humor into her narrative and dialogue. Oh, and dont be surprised if you have to stop reading and take a cold shower. Melissa Bradley is an excellent author, and she tells this tale with humor, lust and emotions so raw and real that youll almost be afraid of the next full moon, or...maybe welcome it.

Her book is available at Amber Quill Press. You can find out more about Ms. Bradley on her Myspace page.

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