Bob Schieffer Drags Up Tired Old Attack That Ted Cruz Shut Down Gov’t

The pattern we've seen over and in addition over once again with this particular president is he says he's sorry, he expresses outrage however he then doesn't fix your problem. We shouldn't just write the blank check. I told anyone in the large event you such as your medical well being insurance plan a person are in the position to keep it. That's why we stood a shutdown. Along With for your state with the union, one of the items president Obama really ought to do is appear in the TV camera say towards the over five million Americans all across this nation whom of get had their very own health insurance cancelled simply because of ObamaCare to check inside the camera say, along with say I'm sorry. I don't feel we must ever shutdown the actual government. Yet the fact is, I voted over as well as over once again to fund your authorities and the cause we were built together with a shutdown -- look, your Democrats had been really candid I am aware these people told you. and what the president can be saying will be he just wants a new blank bank card to aid keep developing and expanding the actual credit card debt and I feel that's irresponsible. Nevertheless afterward the fellow Republicans mentioned you led these people more than any cliff. Nevertheless we'll leave that for your Democrats to speak about. both involving individuals came via the particular debt ceiling. that was a mistake. That They mentioned we believe the actual shutdown benefits us politically right now your democrats are suggesting which they want yet another shutdown simply because that they consider it benefits all of them politically. Nevertheless let me inquire an individual yet another question here. January 24, 2014
CRUZ: Look, needless in order to say we ought in order to do something. Throughout fact I went alongside to one of the most surreal meetings I've at just about any time been with exactly where president Obama invited all regarding the Senate Republicans for you to increase to the White House. I informed you should you much such as your doctor you can keep the physician and also in which wasn't true. And Also if President Obama really wants to give an honest, candid state of the union address this week he'll address your proven fact that his economic policies aren't operating along with that will they're exacerbating income as well as equality. Such As you need a new investigation within in order to Benghazi controversy and IRS. the government is
CRUZ: Well, as I stated I didn't shut down the government the final time. can an individual conceive of just about any situation where you'd do that again, try to shut along the government in return click visit or maybe in interest in a few action from the president?

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CRUZ: Well, Bob, with all because of respect I don't agree with almost all the premise of one's question. The Particular government is approaching another deadline, February 7th. Millions of individuals across the nation possess seen why we were standing and also fighting because ObamaCare is actually a disaster. I repeatedly voted to fund the federal government.

. you want him to become able to admit in which his economic plan features failed. Which it was an error to pass through ObamaCare upon party line vote. Eastern
CRUZ: That was Harry Reid and also President Obama. Yet in regards to whether we needs to end up being able to have stood and also fought upon ObamaCare, I think the proof can be in the pudding. He sat us in a space this is inside the core shutdown and he stated I invited you here to inform you I faketaxi won't negotiate, I is not necessarily likely to compromise on anything. The Actual purpose that they would so, is that president Obama dug within and also mentioned he wouldn't compromise, he wouldn't negotiate. The explanation why can it be difficult to understand that that they forced the particular shut down when they consider it advantages all of them politically?

TED CRUZ: Well, what I place out would end up being the questions that I'm hearing through Texans most over your state. Senator, in which sounds similar to you would like the confession not a speech.

SCHIEFFER: Now, just a minute. let me inquire anyone this, anyone became a higher profile whenever you led the actual drive in order to shut along the government more than ObamaCare. Bob, I realize that the particular White Home said more than and also over once again the particular shut down may end up being the Republicans fault, and I understand, that's what you're repeating. Anyone have got already launched any list of concerns you need the particular president to deal with in his State of the Union speech. Senator, thanks regarding coming. I'm sorry. And Also should you ask any American outside associated with Washington, ought to we simply keep raising the particular credit card debt ceiling whilst carrying out not even try to have got fundamental structural manage in spending to get Washington paying difficulty under control? That is irrelevant if you're talking to a Republican, a new Democrat, an independent, a Libertarian, anyone outside of Washington of course. five in a extended time past the actual national credit card debt was $10 trillion that took 43 presidents more than 200 years to create up $10 trillion in debt. While it will run out of cash unless Congress agrees in order to raise the financial debt ceiling are you likely to consent to raise the financial debt ceiling as well as will you demand some thing throughout return?

SCHIEFFER: Nicely obviously what however say is that he can be creating much more jobs which unemployment is certainly going down as well as on along with on. It's grown practically 70% with 1 president within five years. He keeps carrying it out more than as well as over.
SCHIEFFER: Alright, allow me to go back to one thing, the actual problem I questioned of you was, would you ever conceive associated with threatening to always be able to shut along the government again?
10:38 a.m. and it's worth noting within the beyond the debt ceiling may be the particular efficient lever point legitimate structural reforms regardless regarding whether it absolutely was Graham Rudman which do great job regarding restricting government spending, setting it up in check or perhaps regardless regarding whether it was your budget Manage Act. I stated we shouldn't shut the government down, I think it absolutely was an error in which President Obama as well as the Democrats shut the government down this fall. each with the questions I set up are usually concerns in which the people tend to be asking. All Through the us government shutdown I opposed the us government shutdown. And that I consider chances the president will answer these usually are generally not high however it is what he should if he has been listening towards the concerns in which individuals are raising.
SCHEIFFER: Well, Senator if you didn't threaten for you to shut down the government whom was it which did?

CRUZ: Permit me ask you--
Bob Schieffer Drags Up Fatigued Outdated Attack that Ted Cruz Shut Down Gov’t | NewsBusters

SCHIEFFER: Senator, I know what Republicans were telling me similar to John Boehner whom said it was the particular disaster and never again. I think it's irresponsible for you to our youngsters and grandkids to stick that will financial debt in these people because we can't stay inside our means.

BOB SCHIEFFER: We wish to flip now to the check this out president's State in the Union speech upon Tuesday along with we're planning to Houston and furthermore the Tea Party Republican Ted Cruz who led the shutdown of the government last fall because the president wouldn't agree to shut down ObamaCare. Nevertheless then, Vob, here will end up being the real quicker in the event you are generally truly sorry you do not just say you're sorry you actually do one thing to correct your problem. They're hurting the folks who're struggling the actual most. Nowadays it's over $17 trillion. I expended any lot of occasion journeying their state of Texas playing Texans and furthermore the concerns that they raise more than and furthermore over once again these people say, why are work along with economic growth thus dismal? We've got the cheapest labor force participation throughout over three decades, since 1978

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