Real Life Instagram: Life Imitating App

Real Life Instagram: Life Imitating App

Last year we saw a concept for a pair of glasses that applies Instagram's filters through its lenses. Bruno Ribeiro took a more literal approach with his Real Life Instagram series, taking not just Instagram's filters but its entire interface into the real world.

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But the thing that makes Real Life Instagram so effective is its acknowledgement of the app office sexclips users' tastes. Bruno frames random objects " oftentimes just portions of them " with secretary sex his cardboard interface, pre-liked and pre-hashtagged.
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Here's the money shot:

real life instagram 6 620x930magnify

Instagramception. Ah, the failure of freedom. Read publisher brooke perez's websites on sex with secretary -- office sexclips
When you give everyone the ability to express themselves, you'll quickly realize that most of us don't have anything worthwhile to say. But I'd still take that over silence any day.

[Real Life Instagram via Design Milk]

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